The breeding method and precautions of the jujube tree

1. Do it 做 做 做 做 做

When the whole land is used, it is generally convenient to choose to traffic. The light must be more sufficient. The soil layer should be deeper. It is rich in organic matter. The discharge irrigation should be more convenient. land. The drainage ditch is also available around to prevent the soil from entering water stains. In front of the planting, the soil must be turned deep, and after a period of exposure, then starting and hooking. The width is generally 100 cm, and the width of the ditch is about 20 cm. Dig at the beginning of a certain row distance. The depth of the acupoint is generally 30 cm, and the diameter is 30 cm. In addition, add a little amount of farmhouse fertilizer to the bottom of the acupoint, and then mix it. It’s right.

2. Form it in time

The growth of the seedlings of the jujube is relatively slow. After one year of growing in the nutrition bag, there will be only 3 to 5 leaflets. At this time, you can start planting large fields. The seasoning season is generally from April to September. When planting, remove the nutrition bag carefully to avoid affecting its survival rate due to cultivating soil loosening. The depth of the planting is best to keep the small seedlings in the bag just exposed the soil surface. After planting, water it through the water.

3. Fertilization

After planting, keep the soil wet. After 1 month of planting, the seedlings will start to grow. At this time, you must start adding fertilizer in time to add a little compound fertilizer. In the growing season, a little compound fertilizer is applied every month, which can be applied or water. Potassium fertilizer can be added after September. After a period of careful cultivation, the size of the plant base can reach more than 25 to 30 cm, and it is naturally above 2 meters. At this time, it can be used in garden greening. Therefore, it is indispensable to apply fertilizer.