Method of breeding of new women


New women need to choose the right soil. Generally, loose, fertile, and good drainage sandy soil is better. Some organic fertilizers can be added to the soil to meet the various elements needed for the growth of new women. Essence

Light and temperature

The new woman likes to cool and sufficient lighting environment, which needs to meet the light conditions in order to bloom well. When the summer is high and strong, the sunlight needs to be avoided, appropriate shades, and less light in winter, and artificial light can be performed. The temperature needs to be kept within a proper range. The appropriate temperature it grows is between 15 ° C -35 ° C. The wintering temperature of winter needs to be less than 3 ° C -5 ° C.

Watering and fertilization

The new woman likes to wet the growth environment, and has high requirements for fertilizer. If there is lack of moisture and nutrients, it will affect the growth of the new woman. During the growth of a new woman, the soil needs to be kept moist, but do not accumulate water; fertilize according to the growth of the plant, apply some nitrogen fertilizer or compound fertilizer containing a variety of elements. Pay attention to the content of nitrogen fertilizer not too high. To promote flowering, some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers need to be applied before flowers.


The breeding of the new woman is mainly sowing and division. Sowing is generally autumn sowing, and the division is in early spring.

Precautions for breeding of new women


Generally, in order to shape the plant type and promote flowering, you need to top up during the growth of new women, remove the top ends, and promote the new women\’s branches to achieve the desired effect.


During the breeding process, the pests and insect pests of the new women are mainly leaf spots, root rot, and stem rot, and aphids.

other problems

New women in general families will cause the leaves and curls due to environmental problems. The main reason is that the air is relatively dry, and it needs to be sprayed frequently.