The breeding method and precautions of the red feathers church taro

1. Soil

It generally prefers to loosen a bit more fertile soil, so it cannot be neglected in the choice of soil. It is better to find some breathable and drainage, so that it can grow its roots and deep, so the soil is also important. Yes, you must choose.

2. Temperature

This kind of flower is better in warm places, so the temperature that is generally more suitable is between eighteen and twenty degrees. However, when the temperature is high, it must be properly shaded. It cannot be too high. You can cool down appropriately. Spray a little water around its basin, which can help it cool down. The temperature should not be too low when winter, and it must be kept above 10 degrees. If it is too low, it will easily frostbite.

3. Water

Although it likes a little environment, it cannot be watered too much, otherwise it will easily make the pot soil too humid, and it will not be good for its roots, which will cause rotten roots. We can usually pour water once a day. In the summer, we can pour water permeability in the morning, and wait until the evening in the evening. But if the pot is not dry, you don’t need to pour it. At the same time, we often spray less water or sprinkle some water on its leaves, so as to improve the humidity of the air.

4. Fertilization

Generally, the fertilizer it needs is not particularly too much, so it is not necessary to apply fertilizers very often. If you fertilize too much, it will make it easy for the plant to grow only, and it will also make its leaves green, but it does not look like not It’s gorgeous, it’s not good to watch. Therefore, we generally apply a little thin fertilizer every month during its growth season, so that it can help it grow better. At the same time, remember not to use thick fertilizer, we must be thinner.