The breeding method and precautions of thin column grass

1. How to reproduce

Sowing: Generally, it is often sowed in business, but the plants raised by this method grow relatively slowly, and it is relatively prone to mutation. Therefore Method.

Cuttings: In addition to the breeding of sowing, we can also use cuttings. We can take its stems and branches. The length is 2.5 to 5 cm. Then use its stems and branches as cuttings. One is not a particularly large flowerpot, and then cover them with a plastic bag. Put in a brighter light, keep the temperature at 16 degrees. If the cuttings are re -growing, it means that it has taken root. At this time, we can transplant each group of branches into a 8 cm shallow basin, and wait until we can be cultivated as a mature plant in the future.

Stef stems: Generally, it is basically in spring and autumn. We cut it down from the comparison of its growing stems, cut it into a small section, and then spread it on the soil of the sand. After spraying water, it is wet to cover it with a film. It can be used to be full of real pots after about 6 to 10 months. At this time, it is transplanted to it. There are many plants breeding in this way.

2. How to manage

Generally, those drainability is better when choosing potting soil, and you can use garden soil, rotten leaf soil, etc. to prepare together. During the period when the fruit is mature, it is best to put them in places with a lot of sunlight, but also to cover the wind and rain. When blooming, artificial pollination must be performed.

3. Note

In order to make it better, we must increase its humidity. We can sprinkle a little water around it. From blooming to the result of the result, spray at least 1 to 2 times a day, but pay attention to the leaves on the leaves. Do not have accumulated water. The amount of water also needs to be grasped, as long as the soil is slightly wet, it is refreshing.