The breeding method and precautions of wood hibiscus flowers

Mu hibiscus breeding method

Potting soil selection

Frequent hibiscus, a larger porcelain flower pot or vegetarian basin that can be selected by the flower pot. The soil generally uses loose and fertile air -permeable soil, and the soil should be wet.

Water and fertilizer management

The growth of Mu hibiscus requires sufficient water and fertilizer, and the soil needs to keep the soil moist. In spring, the plant grows strong and requires a lot of watering. In summer, the weather is hot and you need to water. Essence Watering must be carried out according to the water needs of the plant.

Fertilization should be reasonable, and sufficient nutrients can make Mu Hibiscus grow better. Fertilizing before flowering, you can apply a little phosphorus fertilizer, which is a little more water, which can make it flowers better and gorgeous.


Mu hibiscus likes sufficient light. When breeding, you need to ensure that the light is sufficient, especially in the flowering period of autumn. In winter, you must ensure that the light is sufficient, and it is best to shade in the summer sunshine.


Mu hibiscus likes a warm growth environment and has a certain cold tolerance, but it is best to put overwinter indoors in winter, keep the temperature above 10 ° C, which can make it better winter.

Precautions for the breeding of Mu hibiscus


The wood hibiscus is generally carried out after the flower, which can be trimmed by the tree, cutting it into trees or shrubs, and you need to pay attention to trimming the withered branches and the diseased branches, so that the canopy can better ventilate and light.

Breeding method

There are many ways to reproduce the wood hibiscus, including cuttings, breeding, and branch breeding.


During the breeding process, wood hibiscus has diseases such as aphids, red spiders, cinnabar mites, horny poisonous moths, as well as pink pink disease and other diseases that need to be controlled in time.