The breeding method and precautions of zealoga vera

Breeding method

Watering: It is originally produced in tropical arid areas in southern Africa, so it is more tolerant to drought, but this does not mean that it can survive in the drought soil for a long time. To keep the soil dry on the surface daily, the growth period should be kept moist. In winter and summer, it will start to sleep. At this time, watering should be reduced, and the soil can be dry.

Fertilizer: It is not too high in demand for fertilizers. It only needs to be fertilized once to 2 times a year in spring, and fertilization can be performed once a month during the growth period.

Temperature: 15-23 ° C is its best growth temperature. When it is above 33 ° C, it can be dormant when it is below 7 ° C, and 4 degrees will frostbite. It is best to breed more than 10 degrees in winter.

Sunshine: Although it likes the sun, when summer comes, the sun is still avoided. In other seasons, it can grow in the sun all day. If the light is not abundant, the leaves of the plant will not reach a full and tender state, and the color will not be glorious.


Too wet soil can rot its roots, and the leaves curl up, which is very unfavorable to them.

The long -term sunlight will make the plants grow.

Don’t let water and fertilizer splash on the plant.

In summer, it is not good for plant growth to increase the flow of air in summer.