The breeding method of ice lanterns and jade dew

Breeding method

Pot soil

The ice lanterns and jade dew require that the breathable drainage is good, and it is not easy to get into the soil.

First use plastic, porcelain and other water -locking pots to plant to ensure that ice lanterns can fully absorb water.

Secondly, the granular soil that is well -breathable and not easy to lump is selected. Among them, the appropriate amount of peat soil is added to increase the organic matter content in the soil.

In addition, you can add some bottom fertilizer to the bottom of the pot to supplement the shortcomings of the insufficient nutrients of the granular soil.


The ice lanterns are more drought -resistant. It can adhere to the principle of “not dry and not poured, and pouring through” to avoid causing water accumulation.

Do not expose the ice lanterns after watering.

The ice lanterns should not be drought for a long time, otherwise the leaves will be dry and the leaves will be dim.

When the air is dry, spray water at the plants and surroundings.


The most suitable temperature for ice lanterns and jade dew is between 15-28 ° C and the best spring and autumn seasons. The temperature in winter should be kept above 8 ° C at night and above 20 ° C during the day.


Ice lamp Yulu has a cool and ventilated environment, which is not suitable for placing ice lanterns directly in the sun.

The ice lanterns should be placed in a semi -yin environment with good temperature and humidity.

In summer, be careful of long temperature exposure, otherwise it is easy to cause leaf sunburn, and other seasons should be fully sunny, which is conducive to the growth of ice lanterns and jade dew.


Ventilation is very important for ice lanterns, and the ventilation should be strengthened in the sweltering summer night.

The plants need to be maintained in a dry place and avoid sun exposure and long -term rain.



The fertilization time should be selected in the morning or evening of the sunny weather.

During the growth period, the rotten thin liquid fertilizer or low -nitrogen, high phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer can be applied to the growing growing plant every month.

At the same time, the dormant period when high temperature in summer or lower temperature in winter does not have to be fertilized.


The root system of the ice lanterns will secrete acidic substances, which acidified the soil and the root is aging and hollow. It can be changed once every spring or autumn.

When turning the pot, cut the aging and hollow roots, cut the long root system short, keep the thick white root, and then plant it with new cultivation soil.