The breeding method of the Mediterranean Blue Bell Flower

1. Reproductive method

Generally, breeding is a breeding with a split or sowing, and the ball is more suitable for autumn. Its bulbs are similar to that of cash. The roots are also growing in the soil from autumn. When it is particularly cold, it must be temporarily terminated. By the time the climate warms or when it is just frozen on the ground, it continues to grow rapidly and reaches flowers. When entering summer, the temperature will rise, and it will gradually slow down and enter the dormant period. Essence The roots of dormant can be left in the field or pot, or can dig it up to the roots of the ball, and there is sleep in the room. In autumn, it will be divided into the ball and then start planting. Of course, sowing is also autumn. After sowing, it needs to be equipped with training for 3 to 4 years to bloom.

2. Basic maintenance

It generally prefers cold places, which can be particularly resistant to cold, so it can grow well in the sun or in the place where he is half -shade. It is also particularly humid and very drought -resistant. Especially watering is not particularly strict. In addition, it has certain conditions for soil quality, so it is best to choose some loose and fertile sandy soil when choosing soil. This is conducive to its drainage, and the breathability will be better.

3. Reminder

If you want to use it as a potted plant, you must use a more fulfilling and fat roots. Generally, a flower pot with a caliber of about 20 cm is sufficient, and each pot can plant 2 to 3 balls. The depth of the pot is not the same as the ground, as long as the top of its ball is flat with the soil surface. If the planting is too deep, there will be no way to stretch the roots. Basin is also best to put some base fertilizers. After the autumn is planted, it should be buried in the soil, so that it can make it easier to take root and management.