The category of the variety of Xiwuhua

The love series of Xiwu blossoms

Xiwuhua has always been loved by the flower arrangement designers. Nowadays, there are new potted plants and flower bed types suitable for small environment cultivation, which is the “love” series of Xiwuhua.

The love series includes three varieties of color, namely blue, purple, and white.

The love series can grow to 75-90 cm high, elegant leaves, umbrella -shaped inflorescences, surrounded by smaller sidelines or accompanimental inflorescences.

Plants are compact.

Xiwuhua Lake Series

The lake series is also a variety suitable for cutting flowers later.

Lake Xiwu belongs to long -sun -flowering plants, but the two “forest lakes” colors can be blooming under short -term sunshine conditions.

The lake series of Xiwuhua can be subdivided as: Island Lake (pink)

Forest Lake: Blue Forest Lake (moderate blue), white forest lake (pure white)

White Michigan Lake (pure white)

Improved version: Improved Lake Powell (White), Improved Sunset Lake (wine red)

Lake Sublille: Improve Lake Subuelier (dark purple), summer Lake Subrich (dark blue)

Summer blue miracle (light blue)