The common variety of Zhu Banana

Red Star Zhu Jia

This variety is the most common, leaf color is reddish brown, like umbrellas.

Liangye Zhu Jiana

Its leaves are wide -oriented, with a little red in the green, and the leaves are dark red.

Oblique Zhu Jiaa

Its leaves are long swords, dark green, with pale red or yellow spots.

Jinzhu banana

Its leaves are very bright and green, with pink spots on the leaves.

Hawaii Xiaozhu Banana

Dark copper green leaves, leaf margins with a little red.

Queen Zhu Bana

Yellow -green and brown spots have a sense of beads and jade.

Colorful Zhu Ban

Its leaves are oval and look like a rainbow.

Hawaiian flag

It has spots of leaf, with pink and dark red patterns, wide chlorphenles, and dark green with white vertical stripes.

Rainbow Zhu Bian

Its leaves are wide -leaf -shaped, yellow -white oblique stripes, and red leaves.

Red Bian Zhu Bian

The leaf margin is red, and the middle is light purple -red, green oblique stripes, and is a mini -type chocoa with a plant height of only 40 cm.

Three -color Zhu Banana

Its leaves are green, yellow, red and other color stripes, and the cut surface of the root is white.

Beautiful Zhu Ban

Dark green, red and white spots.

Red Heart Zhu Bana

The leaves are narrow, dark brown, and the center is red.

Black leaf Zhu Bana

The leaf is lanceolate, brown and copper.