The difference between a year of peng and Xiaofeng

Different species

This is the most fundamental difference. It is the difference between this aspect that determines all their differences. The first plant belongs to the pebows of one year, while the second plant is a small flying breed. In addition, the first type of plant is a year or two -year -old plants, while most of the second one is one year.

Different appearance

Although this difference is not easy to see, if you look at it carefully, you may still find the subtle difference. The first is the length of their stems. The length of the tongs a year is generally 40-80cm, and the diameter is two mm to four mm. The length of the latter’s stems is 50-100cm, which is generally higher. There is the difference between their flowers. First of all, there are slight differences in color. The first one may be white or light blue, and the second flower is almost white. There is also the first sexual flower in the center of the center, while the second type is cylindrical. Of course, these differences are not obvious, and we need to observe carefully.

Different periods of flowering results

There are slight differences during this period, but the gap is not much. The former blossoms from June to August, from August to October. The latter blossomed from June to September, and the fruit began to mature in July. The peak of breeding was in October.


Their harm is very serious. However, they are the hosts of different pests.