The difference between autumn planting ball root and spring planting ball root

Spring Planting Ball Root

Spring -planting ball root flowers are flowers in the year, mostly short -day, usually in spring and autumn flowers.

The varieties of spring -growing ball root flowers include beauty banana, Zhu Dinghong, etc., the flowers are large, the plant shape is good, and it is easy to cultivate. The temperature of the open field cultivation is best between 13-17 degrees. Generally, the fertile and loose, good drainage sandy loam soil or fertile sticky soil. The growth habits of spring -planted ball root flowers generally like warm lighting environment with warm light, not cold -resistant, and require higher temperatures during the growth period. Therefore, it is generally selected to plant in spring. When it turns yellow, the plant gradually enters the dormant period. It should be noted that the underground ball roots are not cold -resistant. Under the cold climate, you need to be carefully dug out and store it to safely overwinter. The north generally needs to dig out the underground tuber before the frost, and then store it in an environment of about 5 ° C.

Autumn planting

Autumn planting balls are two -year -old flowers, mostly long -day, usually autumn planting spring flowers.

Autumn planting balls, such as cherishes, have the characteristics of cold resistance and heat. Generally, they like to avoid the growth of the wind from the sun. The temperature can grow normally with the temperature above 8 ° C. It can be resistant to cold-resistant. , But avoid cool heat. When the summer is high, the upper part of the ground gradually wither, and the underground ball root enters dormant. Planting in autumn, it is best to choose a loose and fertile and well -drained slightly acidic sandy loam. After the winter temperature gradually decreases, it will stop growing and enter the semi -dormant. The temperature will gradually rise in the second year, and the growth will grow rapidly. It will bloom in spring.