The difference between bananas and bananas


The first is to distinguish between the two. The shape of the banana is usually like the shape of the crescent, and the length of the fruit is short. The epidermis will show the corners, usually five or six edges. In the banana, it has a long fruit compared to bananas. Usually, the ends of the fruits are narrowed and wide, which looks relatively hypertrophy. Its tail is bent, and the other end is straight. The edges on the banana epithelium do not want more bananas. Through these points, the two can be simply distinguished.

Color distinction

Bananas are generally blue before the skin is cooked through. The color after the cooked through is yellow, and there will be some brown spots on the epidermis. Generally, the flesh will also have a little yellow feeling. After cutting into two sections Very round. The outer skin of the banana is relatively dull, the surface is shiny after cooked, and its flesh looks white, and the shape of the flesh is relatively flat.

Taste difference

Speaking of these two kinds of fruits, that is better to eat? In general, the banana tastes much better than the banana. The banana’s smell is very fragrant, and it is very sweet and refreshing. Although the banana is also very sweet, its taste is slightly sour. Therefore, when buying these two kinds of fruits, choose delicious and delicious bananas.