The difference between bergamot and bergamot

Different subjects

The bergamot melon belongs to the genus plant of the gourd family, and is also called Annu Gourd, Shougua, Harvest melon, melon, and so on. The bergamot is a genus plant of Rutaecoe citrus, as well as the names of bergamot, five -finger fragrant or five -finger citrus.

Appearance difference

From the appearance point of view, the difference between the two is also very large. The bergamot, as the name suggests, is strange in shape, like opening his fingers, or a fist. When the fruits of the bergamot are not yet mature, the color of the epidermis is green, and it becomes a very eye -catching golden yellow after full maturity.

Unlike the bergamot, the shape of the bergamot is roughly pear -shaped, and there are 5 obvious longitudinal grooves on the surface of the fruit, and a suture line is located at the top. The green epidermis is more tender, and the color of the epidermis will turn white after the old age, and the flesh color of the bergamot is milky white.


Bergame melon is mainly used for consumption. It can not only be used as vegetables for cold, cooking, soup, etc., but also can also be eaten directly as a fruit. The use of bergamot is relatively wide. The flesh of the bergamot is white and tender, crispy and sweet, can be eaten fresh, can also be used as food re -processing, making honey, bergamot tea, incense wine, etc. In addition, the bergamot also has medicinal effects. It has the effects of qi and phlegm and relieving liver and stomach. It is generally used to treat symptoms such as cough and sputum, chest tightness and bloating, liver and stomach pain, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.