The difference between chandeliers and Fuso

The difference between chandeliers and fifth -growth habits

Chandeliers Fang Growth Habits

The chandeliers like warm and humid, with sufficient light, and can only be planted in potted plants.

Growing in the north of the Yangtze River Basin, the branches are resistant to trimming, strong growth, strong adaptability, and requires rich soils.

Fuso growth habit

The growth habits of Fuso are the same as the chandeliers. They like warm, humid, and sufficient light. It is not resistant to cold and shade, and is resistant to pruning.

Growth in the Yangtze River Basin and north of China, with strong growth and extensive adaptation.

The difference between chandeliers and fifth -leaves

The leaf of the chandeliers

The leaves of the chandelier f helping are oval or long, with a length of about 7 cm. The apex is short -tip, the bottom is wide wedge -shaped, smooth and hairless.

Fuso’s leaves

Fusang is an evergreen shrub with a tall plant and a cylindrical branch.

The leaves of Fuso are wide ovate or narrow ovate, about 4 to 9 cm long, tip of the top, round or wedge at the bottom, and the edges of the leaves are thick tooth. hair.

The difference between chandeliers and hue mulberry -flowers

The flower of the chandeliers

The flowers of the chandeliers grow in the middle of the axil of the branches, the stems are slender, the sagging grows, and there is no hair coverage;

Bud: Very small, lanceolate and hairy coverage. The calyx is tubular, with fine hair on it; the petals are deep and fine -grained, and they grow upward. The flowers of the stamens are very long and highlighting the drooping growth.

Hue Sang’s flowers

The flower of Fusang’s flowers grows in the leaf axils at the top of the branches, showing a drooping shape. The flower stems are 7 cm long, and there are sparse star -shaped pouring covers. There is a nodular shape at the proximal end.

Petal: It is an ovate shape, with sparse fluff covers on it, and the stamens are smooth and bright without hairy coverage.

Well, Xiaobian has told you about the difference between chandeliers and Fusang. Next time you see, you will definitely distinguish their two fake brothers.

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