The difference between colorful leaf hanging orchids and hanging bamboo plums

Difference between appearance

These two plants look particularly similar, but to carefully investigate the differences between the two, it is okay to distinguish them. Compared with the colorful leaf hanging orchids, the hanging bamboo plum is green, and the leaves of the colorful leaves look more clear, and the hanging bamboo plum looks thicker and looks very important.

It is also the color of purple and green. The colorful leaves are not so clear, and the dividing boundary of the hanging bamboo plum is relatively obvious, and there is no gradient feeling. On the whole, colorful leaves are more purple, and the overall color is darker. The leaves of the hanging bamboo plum are white in green, and the overall color will be brighter.

The difference between growth habits

Purple -leaf hanging orchids cannot resist too cold environment, which is more suitable for loose soil. The permeability of this soil is better. In this way, these soil can be drained and breathable in time to protect the roots. This hanging orchid is more afraid of cold, and the warm clothes that are overwhelming should not be too low. If it grows in a cold position for a long time, it will cause the stems and leaves to be long, and the color of the leaves will not look good.

When the hangers were initially discovered, they grew in a relatively humid position and could not accept the direct radiation of light. If the surrounding temperature could reach 14 ° C or more, it could continue to grow. They have high requirements for the humidity of the world, and the surrounding air will focus on the dryness of the leaves. They are not high in soil, and there are no excessive requirements for pH.

Well, now you can finally distinguish between the two of them. Flowers can usually check some information. Not only can they understand their favorite plants, but also when friends ask, they can also say!