The difference between Dalihua and Dali chrysanthemum



Also known as Dalihua, Tianzhu Peony, etc., are chrysanthemums. The chrysanthemums are budding in the proud frost, but the chrysanthemums are different; Dalihua blooms one after another during spring and summer, and it will still bloom fragrant after the spring and summer seasons passing by until the frost fell. Its flower shape is very similar to the shape of peony flowers. It is magnificent and colorful, and is very popular.

The flowers of Dalihua are large in the head -shaped inflorescence, with long inflorescences, which are drooping and growing. The leaves are fleshy, the inner layer is membrane, and the ellipse lanceolates.

The colors of Dalihua are diverse white, yellow, purple and so on.

Dali chrysanthemum

Dali chrysanthemum has a lot of flowers. It is a plant type of chrysanthemum plant cultivation. After one year of cultivation, hundreds of flowers can be opened to thousands of flowers, which is highly ornamental.



The growing growth of Dalihua is most suitable for plants in flower beds, flowers, or plants in front of the court. It is highly ornamental. The dwarf varieties can also be used as potted plants.

The flowers of Dalihua can also make props cut flowers, flower baskets, flowers, etc. for decoration and art performance.

Dali chrysanthemum

Dali chrysanthemum has a colorful color, and one can bloom hundreds of flowers, which is very ornamental;

Therefore, Dali Ju is more suitable for exhibitions or halls and gardens.