The difference between deep mountains with laughter and Lechang smiling

Deep mountain laughed

The deep mountains laugh, the overall plants are hairless; the bark is thin, showing light gray and gray -brown.The leaves are ellipse or long, shiny and green.The base of the flowers is slightly lighter red, and the petals are pure white.The flowering period is from February to March, and the fruiting period is from September to October.

Lechang Hanyi

Lechang smiling is the same as the trees as the deep mountain, with gray and dark brown bark.The petals are pale yellow.The flowering period is from March -April, and the fruiting period is from August to September.

the difference

Through the description of the editor, I believe that everyone has a certain impression of these two kinds of laughter.The following editors will talk about a more intuitive and simple distinction method.


The deep mountain laughed as pure white, and Lechang smiled light yellow.

Number of petals

The deep mountains are nine with a smiley petals, and the whole flower is huge.Lechang smiled with 6 pieces, and the flowers were slightly smaller.