The difference between dogwood and Evodia

Different species

Dogwood is a family Dogwood deciduous shrub or a small tree. Alias ​​named mandala, medicine jujube, jujube peel, Shu jujube, meat jujube, potato jujube, chicken feet, solid jujube, medicine jujube, Tiansu seeds, potato meat, real solid, real Jujube.

Evodia is a small tree or shrub plant, known as Wu Wu, tea spicy, paint spicy, stinky spicy tree, left force pure grocery, rice spicy seeds, etc.

Different morphology

In terms of form, the biggest difference between dogwood and Evody is fruit and flowers.

The nuclear fruit of the dogwood is oval, 1.2-1.7 cm long, 5-7 mm in diameter, and the color is red or purple-red. The fruit is full, and it looks like a big red dates, bright and shiny, the fruiting period of the dogwood is from September to October.

The fruits of Evodia are dense or alienated. The color is dark purple red, with large oil points. There are 1 seed on each point of the petals. What kind of fruits are like small tumors. The surface is not smooth or gorgeous, and it looks more dense. Its fruit period is from October to November.

The flowers of the dogwood are yellow, and they are golden and dazzling, while the flowers of Evodia are white, and the flowers blooms lightly.

Different medicinal value

Dogwood is slightly warm, sour, astringent, and has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, astringent essence and solid relief. It is used for dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knee soreness, impotence and nocturnal emission, frequent urine, collapse, and sweating.

Evodia is hot, spicy, bitter, and has the effects of dispersing cold and relieving pain, reducing anti -vomiting, and helping Yang to stop diarrhea. Treatment of cold hernia abdominal pain, cold and damp beath air, passing abdominal pain, abdominal pain, vomiting swallowing acid, deficient cold diarrhea and other symptoms.