The difference between duck feet wood and Qiye lotus

Basic Features

Basic characteristics of duck feet wood

The leaves of the duck feet are split like a large duck palm. The name comes from this. Its leaves are particularly shiny, and they will be wrinkled when dry. It is white spots, and the shape of the spots is irregular. The flower of the duck feet was green and white when it was just long, and then slowly turned red, the smell was fragrant.

Basic features of Qiye lotus

Their height can reach 3 meters, and those thin stripes are their stems. The left and right sides of its leaves are the same, and the handle will grow a little. Most of their leaves are green, but the leaves near the root are different. Because of the less sunlight, the color is pale green. Its flowers are relatively large, and the diameter can reach 1.5-2.5 cm. The color is white, and the stems are relatively obvious. The fruits of Qiye lotus are flat-shaped, and the diameter is generally 2-3.5 cm.


Habits of duck feet wooden growth

Duck foot wood prefers warm and humid environment, and must not be placed directly in the sun. It prefers the cooler place, as long as there is proper sunlight, it is enough. The air flow in the environment is also better, its requirements for the soil are relatively high, the soil must be fertile, and it must be slightly moist. At this time, the temperature should be controlled slightly. When it is lower than 5 ° C, it will cause the leaves of the duck feet to freeze and fall off.

Basic features of Qiye lotus

They are usually wet in the woods, or in the valley. They are suitable for growing in sandy soil, and the drainage capacity of the soil can be relatively better. The temperature of Qiye lotus is generally controlled between 20-28 degrees Celsius. In winter, you must do a good job of heat preservation. In summer, remember not to let the sun shine directly on the seven -leaf lotus, and you can place it directly in the dark place. In two seasons of autumn and winter, you can let Qiye lotus bask in the sun.