The difference between Dutch beans and peas

1. The difference in variety

Pea is actually a relatively large type, and the peas we usually say are actually one of them, called sweet pea.It is often mainly eating bean grains, and rarely eats pods.In addition, the pea head in the pea category is the tender seedlings on the plant as a vegetable.There is also a lentil pod, which is smaller and not full enough, so it often eats the pods.

And Dutch beans are also a variety of peas in this category, which can be said to belong to the type of lentil pods.

Second, the difference in appearance

The pods of Dutch beans are relatively soft and crispy, so it tastes refreshing and crispy.The pea’s pods are contained in a large amount of cellulose, which is difficult to chew and swallow, so generally do not eat pea’s pods.Even after mature, the pods are still flat and wide. The bean grains are small and only occupy a small space with a small pod.After the pea matured, the beans were large, almost filled with the entire pod, so they appeared cylindrical.It is precisely because of its full bean grain that is often used to produce peas.