The difference between female chicks and rain and Zhang

1. The color of the leaves is different

Female chicks: The leaves of the female chicks look a bit biased towards pale green. In autumn and winter, the leaves will begin to change. Compared. It looks really good -looking, I can’t help but want to touch it with my hands.

Rain and Zhang: The color of the rain and Zhang’s leaves is a bit yellow -green, and the red on the edge of the leaves is not so gorgeous, a bit like pink. And its color is particularly easy to turn jelly colors. So if you look closely, there is still a good way to distinguish it.

2. The shape of the leaves is different

Female chicks: The shape of the female chicks is flat and flat in the shape of the female chicks. The lower part is round and looks pretty cute.

Rain and Zhang: If rain and Zhang are compared with female chicks, its plant shape is relatively small, and the leaves are relatively short. There are edges and corners on the leaves, which look more dense and narrow, which is very distinguished. This is to see a lot of differences that need to be observed carefully. When you raise it, you can refer to this difference.

3. The tolerance between the leaves is not easy to make the side buds and the cubs

Female chicks: Female chicks are relatively easy to give side buds. Its perennial plants can form a relatively spectacular large community, which looks particularly beautiful. And the female chicks are easier to burst from the leaves, and they have a lot of birth. You can see it all at once.

Rain and Zhang: The rain is different from Zhang and the female chick. It usually does not give side buds very much. Friends who observe carefully can pay attention to whether it is. The main thing is that rain and Zhang never burst the cubs. Its entire plant looks relatively small, so it is still very different. In this way, there are still many differences between rain and Zhang He’s chicks, and we still need to observe patiently, so that it will not be easily confused.