The difference between fleshy first love and haze moon

Different origin:

Haoyue first grew in Mexico plants; first love was produced in the UK.

Different reproduction:

Haoyue can be reproduced when cutting, mainly because of the branches and leaf cutting; the first love is to reproduce through the method of leaf plug and beheading.

Different appearance:

Although these two succulents are in full blooming shapes, there are slight differences in color, which is also the most obvious difference between them. Haoyue’s leaves are full of meat, and the colors present are gray -green or gray -blue, but in sufficient sunlight, it will slowly turn into light purple or light pink.

The leaves of the first love are not full of the moon, and its surface is also rich in white powder. Under the circumstances of different light, the color presents different. With a little orange and yellow, if it is cultivated in the living room for a long time, it will show blue -green.

Different flowers:

If they are very easy to distinguish during the flowering period, there are 5 petals in the hazy moon, and the color is milky. Although the flowers of the first love also have 5 petals, the color it presents is pale yellow. The difference between them on flowers is very large.

The above is the difference between the two succulents, but the first love is easier than Maoyue. Novice meat friends who like this type can start with the first love!