The difference between flowers and wind and rain orchid


Flower leeks are the genus of the lilycelite, while the wind and rain orchid is the genus Lotus of the family.


Wind and rain orchids have no dormant period, suitable for growing in four seasons at the temperature; flowers will enter dormant in summer, and usually plant in late summer and early autumn.

Blooming period

The wind and rain orchids generally bloom in summer and autumn. Because it is often blooming in bloom after the heavy rain in spring and summer, this name is blossomed in spring. Generally, it has been blooming from March to June.


Judging from the appearance, the plants and flowers of the wind and rain orchid are large, while the flower leeks are small and the plants are small.

Leaf taste

Because the shape and smell of the leek leek are very similar to that of leek, it is named. The leek leaves have a strong chives. The leeks in the wind and rain are just leaf shapes like leek, but there is no taste of leek, except for a few few, a few are a few.The open or hybrid varieties at night will have a clear strong aroma, and its leaves are toxic.