The difference between golden chrysanthemum and artemisia chrysanthemum

Differences one: Plant height

The total height of the golden chrysanthemum is between 40 cm and 50 cm, and the total height of the chrysanthemums of Artemisia annua is between 60 cm and 90 cm. Essence

Different two: flower -shaped color flowering period

Golden chrysanthemum’s flowers and flowers are yellow, blooming in summer, and the flowers of Artemisia Artisa chrysanthemums are white or pale yellow. The shape is closer to the chrysanthemums in the mountains and can bloom throughout the year, but from April to 6th The flowers of the moon are the most gorgeous times.

Different three: Origin

Golden chrysanthemum is a plant that produces its own country, and Artemisia chrysanthemum is a plant produced in Africa.

Different 4: Value

Although the scriptures have certain ornamental value, Golden Chrysanthemum also has a certain medicinal value, and has a good relief effect and treatment effect on common diseases in daily life; The nutrition is very rich and can adapt to various ways of eating.


Golden chrysanthemums and artemisiae chrysanthemums are viewed normally. The degree of similarity is like the left hand and the right hand. Although there are different, it is only very different. So many people cannot distinguish these two plants. There is another difference here. Gold chrysanthemum blooms when it is in full bloom, but there is no aroma when the chrysanthemums of Artemisia seeds are in full bloom, but this is not confirmed, because there are many types of artemisiae chrysanthemum.