The difference between hydrangea and big velvet balls

The difference between plant shape and flower ball

Hydrangea: The height of the plant is from 1 meter to 4 meters high, the diameter of the flower ball is between 8 cm and 20 cm, the flower stems are short, the flowers are dense, and the petals are long. 3.5 mm. Its flower balls are surrounded by green leaves. The overall is particularly compact and prosperous, while the length of the leaves is between 6 cm and 15 cm, and the width is between 4 cm and 11.5 cm.

Big velvet ball: The height of the plant is between 1.3 meters and 1.5 meters, and the diameter of the flower ball is almost 18 cm, but its stems are very high, about 1.2 meters. The top of the flower stalk is the flower ball. The flowers are also very dense. The diameter of each petal is about 1 cm. Its leaves are similar to the leaves of corn. The tails are drooping down, but the leaves are long, about 60 cm, and about 10 cm width.

Difference between flowering

The flowering time of hydrangea is from June to August, and the flowering period of the large velvet balls is earlier. It is May to June. It is exactly the end of the big velvet ball, and the hydrangea starts to bloom.

Difference between color

The color of hydrangea has a variety of gorgeous colors, while the big velvet balls are only purple -red, but in fact it also has different colors. Among them, there is a blue and white flower ball in the hydrangea, which is more color than the big pill.

Both plants are suitable for planting and viewing at home.