The difference between Jin Hu ball and fairy ball

The difference between the golden ball and the fairy ball ~ the characteristics of the sphere

Golden Ball’s sphere characteristics

The golden ball sphere is the shape of the ball, single or cluster. The top of the ball is covered with dense golden yellow hair, and it grows edges.

Its thorns are very large, most of which are stabbing growth. The thorns are cash yellow. After growing, it becomes brown. There are 8-10 radiation spines, about 5 in the medium thorns, and the shape is relatively thick and slightly bent.

The flowering period of the golden ball ball is between June and October, and the flowers grow in the top of the top of the ball, with bell-shaped and yellow.

Fairy Ball’s sphere characteristics

The spherical ball of the fairy ball is spherical or oval, with a height of about 25 cm and is green.

There are longitudinal ridges on the sphere, acupuncture covered on the edges, different lengths, yellow -green, and shape in shape.

The flowers of the fairy ball are born in the vertical thorns, silver white or pink, the shape is long horn -shaped, and scales growing outside the speaker.

The flowering time of the fairy ball is generally in the early morning or the evening. The sphere often produces many small balls on the side. The shape is beautiful and elegant.

The difference between the golden bulb and the fairy ball ~ distributed area

The distribution area of ​​the Golden Ade

Golden Ball is native to the desert area of ​​Mexico, which is more resistant to drought and hot. Now it is artificially cultivated in most parts of the world.

Wild golden balls are extremely endangered and rare plants.

The distribution area of ​​fairy ball

The fairy ball is native to South America and grows in a high -heat, dry and rainy desert area.

So fairy spherical likes to grow drought growth. But the fairy ball is afraid of cold and is suitable for sandy soil born with good drainage.

Summer is the growth period of the fairy ball, and its flowering period is also in summer.