The difference between red maple and chicken feet can be distinguished by these four points!

Different: branches

The skin of the red maple branches is rough, and it is more solid and reddish brown. This is also the most obvious difference between this. You can directly judge what it is called from the branches.

Differences 2: Leaf form

Red maple leaves are composed of 5 to 9 tablets, and each piece is cracking deeper, and some can even achieve full cracks; although the leaves of chicken feet are also composed of 5 to 9 tablets, the most common is 7 The depth of each of the film is relatively small, and the maximum cracking is 1/3 of the leaves. Moreover, although this is also one of them, it is difficult to distinguish if you don’t observe it carefully.

Differences three: Leaf color

The leaves of red maple have been red from spring, and they will always be red until autumn, and it will wither in winter; and the leaves of another plant chicken feet are green in spring, and the summer is the same as spring. It will become red until autumn. Winter will also wither.

Different 4: Flower period fruit period

The flowering period of Hongfeng is from April to May, and the fruiting period is October; and the flowering period of another plant chicken feet I mentioned above is May, and the fruit period is September.

In fact, there is a little different, but it is not too obvious. The overall tree type of chicken feet is more loose than the overall tree shape of the red maple, but this difference is not significant.