The difference between Sakura Crystal and Triangle Liulian Lotus

The difference between varieties:

Sakura Crystal is a lily family; Triangle Liulian is a yellow -fat wood family. So they are not a plant.

The difference in shape:

Sakura Crystal: Its top is softer, with only two edges, and the surface is relatively smooth; its edges are full of soft thorns, but it is not long; Firm;

Triangle glazed lotus: The top of it looks relatively hard, giving people feel less soft; it has three edges, like its name, which is triangular, with fluff on the surface; Spread; and its leaves are obviously much longer than the leaves of cherry blossom crystal; the top has a thin and thinning -upright stand.

Other differences:

1. The probability of cherry crystal out of the buds is very small, but the triangle Liulian is easier.

2. The texture on the cherry crystal leaves is also softer, the color is relatively green, and the lines of the triangle glazed lotus leaves are deeper and the color is darker.

3. If there are two succulents in the family, you can observe them carefully. In fact, their patterns are also different.