The difference between succulent and bulls

the difference

Dissinization: It refers to a common variant phenomenon of deformities in flowers, which belongs to a plant form.

Dissinating variation: refers to the succulent plants of certain varieties of succulent plants (watering, sunlight, temperature, drugs, climate mutations, etc.) of unknown reasons. Points, and these growth points are connected horizontally into a line, which eventually grows into a flat fan -shaped or cocky -shaped shape. Due to the strange shape of the variants, the plant is more valuable because of its scarcity and is more precious than the original species (planting).

At present, South Korea’s particularly popular succulent plants, collecting these aliens have also become one of their fun.

The picture below shows Wu Yuyu

Comparison with bulls

By comparison, we can see that the difference between the decoration and the bulls lies in the difference between the stems. The decorated stems are like a chicken crown or a fan. And the bulls are only the difference between a few stems, and there are a few stems.

Open the flesh with the top view (looking down from the top), the section can be seen that the decorative surface is connected. In fact, the way to distinguish the succulent and bulls is still very simple: the poly head has a separate stem, one stem and one end. If the lower part of the leaves is only a round stem, there is no cockton or a fan -shaped stem, then it is just a bulls.

Will the fleshy stems and polygonal stems coexist? See the figure below:

In the figure, 1 is a decorated stem, 2 is a round ordinary stem. It can be seen that the two can coexist.

Friends who love meat asked, must the leaf insertion from the dotted flesh must also be dotted? Not necessarily, because the decorativeization is the mutation of flesh caused by external conditions, not because of the gene of the flesh itself, it is not feasible to reproduce meat through the leaf.

Appreciation of meat and consolidation knowledge points:

The fan -shaped stems will also be split, and their properties are the same as flesh. The variation of the growth of growth makes the stems grow together, resulting in a fan -shaped or chicken crown type, and the nature of the prone to long -sided buds has not changed. Essence