The difference between turtle and turtle back bamboo

Differences in the environment

The environment required by the tanjas

Sark taro belongs to a herbal plant. It likes to grow in a hidden environment. It can also resist low temperature. The best ambient temperature is 18-25 ° C, and the lowest in winter can resist 2 ° C as low. The cultivation soil of spring taro should be the best for humus -rich sand soil.

The environment required by the turtle bamboo

It is also a perennial herbal back. I like a humid and warm growing environment. It is difficult to resist strong light. To raise a pot of turtle back bamboo, it also needs to provide it with a fertile and water -absorbing soil environment. In addition, it is best to be acidic and rich in rotten leaves. In terms of temperature, it is not as good as the tanjalo, and it cannot grow lower than that of the five -degree Celsius turtle.

Form of form

The shape of the tanjas

The stems of the spring taro are very short, the leaves grow on the top of the stem, and it is unfolded outward. Although it is dense, it is neat. In addition, the taro also has a feature, which is a very long and tall petiole. The maximum can reach as much as one meter, and the paired leaves show the translucent and mute green.

The shape of the turtle bamboo

The whole plant of the turtle bamboo shows a green, the plant is quite strong, and the surface is smooth and non -rough. Their stems are very thick and can reach 6cm per week. The blades are more rounded and tough than 说 taro, and there are some round holes in the blades to facilitate distinction.