The difference between wearing a lotus and Tianqi

1. Basic features

1. Wearing heart lotus. It is a year -old plant. There are many branches in the lower branches. The leaves are relatively small on the inflorescence shaft. Its flower bracts are small, the corolla is small, the color is white, and the lower lip has purple spotted patterns. Mainly planting and cultivation in Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, Hainan Province, Guangxi Province, and Yunnan Province.

2. Tian Qi. Its trunk is conical or cylindrical, and the color is gray -brown or gray -yellow. It has stem marks on the top and tumor -shaped things around. Tian Qi is mainly planting and cultivation in Yunnan Province, my country.

2. Growth environment

1. Wearing heart lotus. It likes to have high temperature and high humidity, and like sufficient sunlight and a lot of fertilizers. Its seeds germinate and seedlings grow. The favorite temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius. If the temperature drops to 15-20 degrees Celsius, Its growth rate will also become slower. If the temperature drops to about 8 degrees Celsius, it will suspend growth. If you encounter a temperature of about 0 degrees Celsius or frosty weather, it will wither and die. Wearing lotus is best to grow in fertile and loose and well -drained.

2. Tian Qi. It likes a warm climate, cannot resist the cold or heat, it likes humidity, but it cannot accumulate water. The temperature growing in summer should not exceed 38 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of more than 10 degrees Celsius in winter can grow, but it is best to grow between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. Tian Qi likes sandy soil or oil sand soil. It can also grow in yellow mud and brown soil, but it cannot grow normally on low -lying land.

Third, efficacy

1. Wearing heart lotus. It has the effects of lowering the poisoning and anti -inflammatory and analgesic, which can treat tonsil inflammation, pneumonia, enteritis and cold diseases. Topical use can also treat swelling and pain and trauma infections.

2. Tian Qi. It is a very precious medicinal material in my country. Since ancient times, it has the effect of unblocking and eliminating swelling and pain. It contains more effective activity materials than ginseng, so it also has the reputation of “King of the Cross”.