The difference between white birds and Ji Chunxing, remember to distinguish between two points!

Appearance feature

White bird

White birds are small and cute. Its shape is round, usually a whole, does not grow out of the side buds. The white bird plant is covered with thorns, and the thorns are dense. A snow -white sphere. When blooming, the little flower buds of white birds will be squeezed out of the thorns. One by one is scattered. The color of the white bird’s flowers is pink, the flowers are generally large, and the diameter can reach about 2.5 cm. At the same time, its flowers can be The diameter is also relatively long.

Ji Chunxing’s appearance

It is a variant of spring stars. The plant body is also spherical. The vitality is more vigorous. It often emerges from the side of Ji Chunxing on the side. Ji Chunxing’s thorn is also white. Compared with the white bird’s thorn, the distribution is relatively sparse. Show radioactive and not so dense. In addition, Ji Chunxing’s blooming color is also different from white birds. Its flowers are plum -red, and the flowers are much smaller than white birds. Generally, Ji Chunxing’s flowers are only about 1 cm in diameter. Its flower stems are relatively short. Generally, the surface of its sphere plants is blooming.

Maintenance method

White bird maintenance

White birds are more delicate, and they are more difficult to cultivate, and they are particularly short during growth. The summer temperature is relatively high, and the climate is relatively humid. At this time, white birds are easy to rot and rotten balls. At this time, be sure to ensure that the soil of the white bird has a certain dryness, and it must not make it direct to the sun. Some flower friends also like to graft white birds and plant, which may look better in a short time, but the time is long, and the white bird is still easy to rot. Therefore, it is best not to graf The variety is pure.

Ji Chunxing Conservation

Ji Chunxing is better than white birds. It likes the sun. It can cover some yin in summer, but in winter, the sun can be exposed throughout the day. When watering, you need to pay attention to it, just water the soil. Do not pour it on Ji Chunxing to prevent Ji Chunxing from rotting.