The difference between Xialamei and Lamei

The morphological characteristics of Xia La Mei and Lamei


The chips of Xia La Mei are mostly membrane, showing oval or obovate, and the yogules are raw, and the leaves of the plum are nearly leather, with different shapes and diverse types. hair.


Xia La plum blossoms are single and the top of the tender branches, bloom in summer, and the outer wheel color includes white gradient to pink, purple -red on the edges, and the internal flowers are pale yellow. The plum blossoms were born in the armpits of the branches, with various shapes, with circular, ovate, oval, etc., shorter internal flowers, claws at the base, hairlessness, and hair on the base of the heart peel. The Xiala Plum Blossom Period to June, and the Plum Plum Blossom period is November to March.


Xia La Mei is rounded and round, with dark brown and white hairs. The fruit period is from September to October. The plum fruits are altar -like or obovate oval, with hairy, and the fruit period is from four to October.

The breeding method of Xia La Mei and Lamei

Xialamei adopts the breeding method of sowing and breeding, while Ladmei uses artificial reproduction, rootstock reproduction, and good breed grafting and breeding methods.

The prevention and control of the diseased and insect pests of Xia La Mei and Lamei

The main diseases of Charma and Lamei are basically the same, but the main pests of Xialamei include garaphs and aphids, while the main pests of Ladmei include red -necked Tiando and Japanese turtle waxing.