The difference between Xifu Begonia and Dynamic Silk Begonia

Main difference

1. From the direction of flowers growth, the flowers of Xifu Begonia are open upwards, and the sagging begonia flowers are hanging in full bloom.

2. Division from the shape and color of the flower stems. The flower stems of Xifu Begonia are short and thick, mostly green, while the vertical begonia stems are long and fine, mostly purple -red.

3, distinguished from the color of the flowers, the color of the Beifu Begonia blooms brightly, and then gradually dimmed.

Xifu Begonia

Xifu Begonia is named Begonia Flower, Jieyuhua, Haihong and so on. Its flower shape is large, with a lot of flowers and vitality. At the beginning, the color was red and red, and then gradually became pink. The easiest characteristic of Xifu Begonia is the potential of gathered and continuously upward. In addition, Xifu Begonia has a faint fragrance, and the flowers are fragrant and gorgeous, making it ashamed of other flowers.

Beef bell

The bells of the bells are bright and unusual, which can be comparable to the cherry blossoms. The flower buds are red and growing up. The umbrella-shaped total inflorescence, with 4-7 flowers, slender flowers, drooping when it is open, hence the name of the bells of the bell. The branches of the bells of the bells are scattered and the tree shape is developed. The color gradually changes from red to pink. The crown is evacuated, growing up, and drooping when it is open. The pink of the pollen is mainly to watch and has edible value.