The difference between Xingdao and Liuliedou


Star pocket:

1. The diameter is about 5 cm to 8 cm long, the height is about 8 cm to 10 cm high, and the surface is divided into 6 to 10 yuan;

2. Its skin is covered with small white dots, and it is evenly distributed with larger ball -shaped fluff, but its ball -shaped fluffy hair is much less than Liuli’s pocket.


1. The diameter is about 10 cm to 15 cm long, and the height is about 10 cm. It is relatively larger, but the surface is also divided into 6 to 10 yuan;

2. It has no white spots in its skin, only the evenly distributed ball -shaped fluff, the whole body is turquoise, and its spherical velvet hair is much more than Star Pockets, and each column looks dense. This is the easiest place to distinguish them. Essence

Flower differences:

The flowering period of the star pocket is summer. The color of the flowers is yellow, but the flower heart is red. The diameter of the flower is between 3 cm and 4 cm.

The flowering period of Liulibao is relatively long, from March to October, that is, it can open from spring to autumn. The color of the flowers is also yellow, but its flowers are orange. one.

The above is the difference between them, and it is also a way to distinguish them. But if it comes to breeding, in fact, the maintenance of Xingdou is simpler than the maintenance of Liuliangdou, so who do you prefer them?