The difference between Yuye Mei and Bi Tao

Different subjects

Yuye Mei is a plant of the genus Rosaceae, and Bi Peach is a plant of the genus Rosaceae.

Yuye Mei has been cultivated in China for hundreds of years, and most of the parks across the country are planted. This species blooms early and is mainly for viewing. The common cultivation types include heavy petal elm leaves, also known as small peach red. It is named because its leaves are like elm leaves and flowers like plum blossoms.

Bi Tao, also known as Chiba Peach Blossom, is a variant of peach trees. It belongs to the semi -heavy petals and stroke varieties of ornamental peach blossoms. It is collectively referred to as Bi Peach. The common varieties are safflower green leaf peaches, safflower red leaf peaches, white and red double colors sprinkled gold and gold sprinkle Bi Tao and other variants. Bi Tao has high ornamental value, beautiful plants everywhere in communities, parks, and streets.

Different branches

The branches of elm is brown and rough. The small branches of the blue peach are reddish -brown and hairless.

Different leaves

The elm leaves are widely oval -shaped to obovate, the apex tip may be 3 cracks, the base is wide wedge -shaped, and the edges are derived from severe severity.

The leaves of Bi Tao are ellipse lanceolate, 7-15 cm long, and the apex is gradually sharp.

Different flowers

The flowers of elm plums are only pink and no white, and the color of the blue peach blossoms is relatively rich, including red, pink, purple and white and so on.

The flowering period of Yuye Mei is slightly earlier than that of blue peach blossoms.

Different growth habits

Elm plum is a green tree species. It is cold -resistant, drought -resistant, and likes the sun. The requirements for soil are not strict.

Bi Tao also likes the sun and resistance, but Bi Tao’s cold resistance is not as good as elm. The growing soil should be fertile and loose and well drain.