The difference between Zhizhu and Wuzhu

Different plant characteristics

Bamboo plant characteristics

The height of the plant can reach a few meters;

The roots of the stems grow meaty, the stems are soft, very slender, and more branched;

The leaves of the bamboo: The leaf -shaped branches will grow every 10 to 13 clusters, which are rigid -shaped and slightly triangular;

Every 4 axillary flowers on the branches, the flowers bloom white, and the short stalk grows. Its flowering period is between September and October, and the flowering period is short.

The berry of the bamboo is purple -black when mature, with 1 ~ 3 seeds.

Wuzhu’s plant characteristics

The stems and branches on Wuzhu’s plants are distributed with longitudinal edges, and their stems are dry and smooth and smooth.

The leaves of Wuzhu: Each of its leaf -shaped branches can be clustered, the shape is flat or strip, and the apex of the leaves shows sharp pointed heads;

Wuzhu’s flower: its flowers are total inflorescences, the flowers are single or the top of the branches, and a lesson can bloom more than a dozen.

Its flowers are white, the flowers are rounded ovate, and there are short flower medicine distribution on the stamens;

Its berries are red when they are mature, with 1-2 seeds.

Different growth habits

Wenzhu growth habit

Wenzhu likes warm and humid and semi -yin -ventilated growth environment. It is not resistant to cold, drought -resistant, and not too much watering. In summer, you are afraid of direct sunlight and need to cover it properly.

Its original grown between mountains and wilds, mostly used to cultivate in the garden for viewing.

Wuzhu growth habit

Wuzhu likes a warm and humid growth environment, and is afraid of strong light and low temperature. In this case, it will stop growing, resistant to drought and barren land, and is not cold. It is mostly used by people to arrange venues, cutting leaves with flower baskets, wreaths, etc.