The family breeding method of Yan Shan ginger

The family breeding method of Yan Shan ginger

Soil selection requirement

The suitable soil for the farming ginger is soil with loose soil, good moisturizing, and good ventilation. It can be mixed with loam, peat soil, and corrupt leaf soil, and add some river sand and charcoal powder.

Temperature requirements

Yan Shan ginger likes a high temperature environment, and the temperature grows is 22-28 ° C.

Yan Shan ginger is not cold, and the temperature in winter should not be less than 5 ° C.Generally, only about 8 ° C temperature.

Light requirements

Yan Shan Jiang is born with the sun.

When the light is more sensitive, when the light is insufficient, the leaves are yellow and are not bright; when the light is too dark during cloudy, the leaf color will deepen.

Precautions for the breeding of Yanshan Ginger


Yan Shan ginger is not cold -resistant. When the temperature drops to about 10 ° C, it should be wrapped in paper ginger with paper, put on a plastic film, and stores it in the room to succeed.

Just put on the room in the north.


The ginger should be fertilized once a month when the ginger grows, mainly phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer.