The famous variety of pear blossoms

The famous variety of Zhao County Lihua

This is called “the hometown of Chinese Cycus”, which has the reputation of “the first pear in the world”. In mid -April each year, pear blossoms are in full bloom. The scene of crowded people, cars and water.

Famous varieties of Yoshan pear blossoms

Laoshan belongs to Anhui and has the reputation of “Chinese Lidu”, and the pear garden here enjoys a reputation in the world. It is the largest planting area in China. It also has a long history. It has been planting pear trees for more than 2,500 years. Spring is like a sea of ​​flowers on earth, and autumn is a fruitful harvest season, which attracts many tourists every year.

Ningling Pear Garden of the Famous Variety

There is a century -old pear tree in this pear garden. It has witnessed many history. It is 4.2 meters high and the diameter is 2.2 meters wide, but the tree is covered with a length of about 20 meters long. According to statistics, it can produce 700 catties of fruit each year. Essence Now many tourists have not forgotten to take a photo with the pear trees in this century.

Famous varieties of Yongxin Pear Blossom

There is no other area here, but in March each year, many people will still come here to watch pear blossoms.

Famous varieties of Xixia Lihua

The spring breeze blows, the outing is gone, the pear blossoms bloom, and the snow is full of snow. The pear trees here are full of mountains, and they have different shapes. They have seen the blooming of pear blossoms and taste the attractive fruits. At the same time, these pear blossoms are also mixed with many apricot trees, which are also a good place for sightseeing.