The flowering period of Guizhu incense

The flowering period of Guizhu incense

The flowering period of Guizhu is mainly concentrated in spring. Orange -yellow flowers exudes aroma, and it is open whenever spring. The flowering period of Guizhu is mostly from April to May. The flowers on each plant are opened in turn. The whole plant can bloom for 2-3 weeks, but the flowering period of single flowers is very short.

Guizhu incense blooms for the second time

Although the flowering period of Guizhu incense is in spring, in the process of maintenance, reasonable operations can make it blossomed for the second time. The second flowering time is generally from September to October.

If you want to bloom for the second time, you can cut off the flower branches after the laurel bamboo fragrant flowers fades, and then apply some fast -acting fertilizers, and pay attention to watering. Pay attention to watering in summer to bloom again.

The flowering period control of Guizhu incense

Guizhu incense can control the flowering time. If it is sown in spring and summer, the flower buds are divided around October and moved the bamboo fragrance to the room before the winter, then it can bloom in the early winter.

If you want to delay the flowering period of the laurel bamboo fragrance, you can get topping when the plant grows to a certain height, so that the side branches can grow, and it can also increase the amount of flowers. This method can generally be delayed about 7 days. It can also reduce the temperature of the cinnamon bamboo fragrance and delay the time of flowering.

Of course, if the flowering period is too late, you can spray some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to promote flowering.

Guizhu Xiang’s flower language

Guizhu Xiang’s flower language is to maintain chastity and sincerity in the predicament.

Guizhu fragrance is mostly used for the decoration of festivals such as Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, and it is often used as decorative flowers for various activities in April.