The growth characteristics of peony flowers

The growth period of peony flowers

The growth period and seasonal changes of peony flowers are associated. In spring, after the temperature rises, the buds will begin to germinate, leaf buds or flower buds appear. As the temperature rises, the leaf buds start to grow stems and leaves, the flower buds draw out the flower stems, and the leaf on the flower stem blooms. You can resume bud differentiation.

The characteristics of the flower bud differentiation of peony flowers

The differentiation of flower buds is very important because it is related to the flowering of peony flowers. During the growth of peony flowers, the differentiation of flower buds usually requires a longer time. Generally speaking, the differentiated flower buds of single -petal peony flowers take three months, which is generally completed from late August to early September. The peony flower with a decent petal is a bit longer. Generally, it takes three and a half months. It can only be completed in the late November.

Flowing characteristics of peony flowers

When the peony flowers bloom, they also have different characteristics. When the climate is normal, in February of each year, the scale buds of peony flowers began to grow, and the buds began to make buds when they were shocked. The spring equinox began to draw the stems.

The entire process is very long, and the main thing that affects it is temperature. The temperature of the temperature can promote the peony flowers in advance or postponed flowering. From this characteristic, ensuring enough accumulation temperature can promote the flowering of peony flowers. Insufficient accumulation temperature cannot be blossomed immediately. At this time, the temperature can be improved and the flowers of peony flowers can be accelerated.

The growth characteristics of peony flower root

The growth of the roots of peony flowers is actually affected by temperature. When the temperature is lower than 4 ° C, the roots of the peony flowers will be in a half -dormant state, which will stagnate. When the temperature rises the next year, it will start to grow again, and it will continue to accelerate as the temperature grows. In summer, the temperature is higher than 30 ° C, and it will also enter semi -dormant. After entering the autumn, the temperature drops, and the root of the peony flowers begins to grow, but after the temperature drops to 4 ° C, it will stop.