The main varieties of colorful leaf pineapple

1. Phnom Penh colorful pineapple

Its leaves are green, and its height is about eighteen to 20 cm high, and the crown is about 40 cm. The leaves are banded, which looks very bright and shiny. There are yellow and white vertical stripes on the side and middle of the leaves. The leaves are generally arranged in radiation. The length of the leaves is about twenty to 25 cm, and the width is about 4 to 5 cm. When it blooms, the base of the leaves will slowly turn pink, and the small flowers are purple. It also prefers the temperature a little higher, and it is also high and humid, and it is more resistant to cold. Suitable for growing in soils with good drainage.

2. Colorful Red Star Pineapple

This variety of colorful leaf pineapple is olive green, and the edges of the leaves have sharp thorns. Before blooming, the leaves in the center of its center will slowly turn purple -brown. Faint purple. Although it prefers bright light, it cannot be placed under the strong sunlight in summer, otherwise the leaves will be sunburned, and the light is appropriate, but it can not be too dark, otherwise it will affect its color. Full performance. The temperature is generally maintained above five degrees when the winter is overwinter.

3. Three -color leaf pineapple

This variety of its leaves is green, basically clustered growing together. The leaves of the center are pink plaques, but the middle of the green leaves is yellow and white vertical stripes. Before it blossoms, the base of the cup -shaped leaves will become foreign red, and the blooming flowers are blue -purple with a white side. Essence Therefore, the main varieties of colorful leaf pineapples are these types. In fact, they still look similar. They belong to the same type of flowers, but they are just different varieties.