The main varieties of the top ten contributions

Broad -lobe

It is also known as “big leaf yellow cypress”, “mouse thorn” and so on, which is an evergreen shrub. Its height is about four meters. The leaves have feather -like compound leaves, with a length of about thirty to 45 cm. The small leaves are wide or long ovate, with a length of 6 cm to twelve centimeters. The top is sharp, and the edges have two to eight teeth, and the base is close to the heart shape. As for the color, the top is green, and there is a bit of gray white. There is also its flowers, general inflorescence, stout handle, one bracts, nine sepals, and six petals. The fruit is ovate and dark blue.


Also known as “cat head”, “Huang Tianzhu” and so on. Although it is also an evergreen shrub, its height is not the first height, about one to two meters. Its stems are very upright, there are many branches, and there is no thorns. The base of its leaves is wedge -shaped, and the edges are about six to thirteen. The color is also slightly different. The color below the leaves is grayish -green and without waxy white powder. The number of petals and sepals is the same as the first, but the color of the fruit is slightly different. This is blue and black, and there is a layer of wax powder.

South China class

Its height is about two meters, which is relatively different from the first, similar to the second. The stems are upright and rarely branched. Its blade apex is spike, and the bottom is also wedge. The edges have two to six teeth, which is relatively large. Its flowers are loose and drooping, and the color is pale yellow. Its fruit shape is different from the previous two, which is spherical, but the color is similar to the second type, blue and black, and there will also be a wax powder.