The main variety of ghost needle grass

Yuye Ghost Needle

The feathers ghost needle grass is named because the leaves are divided by three compound leaves or are divided by feather -like. Its stem is almost cylindrical and slightly four edges. The petiole has extremely narrow wings on the petiole. The blades are usually presented as a strip or strip-like lanceolate. It is 1.5-2 mm, which is sunglasses. It is more common in the roadside and river wetlands. The whole herb can be used as medicine, which has the effect of detoxifying and anti -inflammatory.

Liuye ghost needle grass

This kind of ghost needle grass is different from the feather leaf ghost needle grass. The leaves are not split and are needed to be named because they are shaped like willow leaves. The edges of the leaves are also sparsely articles, the stems are close to cylindrical, and the fruit is also sunglasses. It is narrow wedge-shaped, with four edges, 5-6.5 mm long, which is larger than the fruits of feathers. Similarly, it can also be used as herbs, which has the effect of detoxifying and removing stasis.

White Flower Ghost Needle

White flower ghost needle grass, the stem is blunt quadrangular, the lower minister has triangular or unimediated leaflets. Or split. The fruits are also sunglasses, black, 7-13 mm long. Its special thing is that it blooms a white tongue-shaped flower with a length of 5-8mm and a width of 3.5-5mm. It can also be used as a characteristic of the other two types of ghost needle grass.

In summary, ghost needle grass, as a common Chinese medicinal material, is mainly divided into three types: feathers ghost needle grass, willow ghost needle grass and white flower ghost needle grass. While having a common feature, they also have their own morphological characteristics. I hope that after you have clarified the above points, you can accurately identify the type when you meet the ghost needle grass in your life.