The main variety of lotus

Bingqing Yujie

The flowers are pure white, decent, flower buds are peaches, green and white, and they also bloom earlier.


The flower buds are also peach type, the color is yellow -green, the color is also yellow -green, and the flower is dense. It is a precious yellow variety.

snow White

As the name implies, the flowers are white like snow, which is very moving. Similarly, the flower buds are peach type, green and white, and the flower diameter is about 12cm.


The flowers are pink, the flower diameter is small, 6-10 cm, the flower is heavy, the flowers are dense, the flower buds, and the rose red.


The flowers are rounded, the faint rose red, the flowers are pink, because the flowers are very dense, so they are called stars.


The flowers are red, heavy table type, about 5.5 cm petals, flowers inward, bowl -shaped, young stamens, and pistils.

Hong Yan Du Cui

Blossoms, heavy petals, more flowers, and earlier, flower buds, red, are one of the most flowers in the bowl lotus.


The flower buds are round, the flowers are bowl -shaped, the color is pale yellow, and the petals. The flowering period is relatively long, with a lot of flowers, the pistil becomes green and yellow, the flower buds are flat, and the flowers are slow.

Little Three -color Lotus

The flower buds have long peach shapes, green, flowers are compound color, the tip of the petals is red, the middle part of the color is white, and the base is yellow. Blossoming is dense, rich in color, and the plants are short, and it is also a treasure in bowl lotus.


Flower buds have long peaches, yellow -green. The flowers are pale yellow and the base is yellow. The petals look very unique and very thin. When the flowers are just blooming, it is cup -shaped, and it becomes a butterfly -like when it is fully blooming. The flowering period is early and longer.