The main variety of peaches

Early cooked peach varieties

Ruiyi No. 2, Ruizheng No. 3

The weight of this variety of peaches is about 200 grams. Arthur at the bottom of the peach is milky white, and most of the other colors are rose red.

Ruiyi No. 5

The color is red on the surface.


The purple 紫 is named after its purple -red outside, and the bottom is yellow and white.


There is the same color as the bottom of the above peaches, but the difference is that the whole thing is dark red.

American Big Red Po

The American Big Red Po is a variety from the United States. The bright red color and the taste are very sweet, which is loved by most people.

Mid -night cooked peach variety

Most of the maturity time of the middle and late mature peaches is in September. The biggest feature of its fruits is that it is relatively large, and the taste is stronger and sweet, and the color is mainly bright red.

Predicture Pottery variety

Early exposure

Most of the mature time of early exposure is in June, among which early exposure is a larger peach in the peach. The color of the peel is yellow and white, and the color of the flesh is milky white.

Morning Master Honey

It was mature at the end of May. This kind of peach was smaller, the surface was yellow and white, and a little rose red, the milky white flesh flavored very sweet.


Oil peach peach is a peach from abroad. The surface of the peach peaches is all bright red, yellow flesh, which tastes sweet and sour, and is very suitable for people who like sweet and sour.


The size of the size is very large, the place of production is really Huanghuai area, and it matures in June. The taste is sweeter, suitable for the taste of most people.

I think most people should know the story of Sun Wukong’s stealing peaches. It can be seen that the peaches have been favored by people from the bones. Until today, there are a lot of people who like to eat peaches. I believe you will like it as long as you taste it.