The planting method of garden sand fruit trees

Plant habit

This plant is very cold -resistant, and we can also conclude from it mainly in the northeast. In addition, it has no particularly harsh requirements for the soil, so the cost is relatively low. A few points to note are its diseases and insect pests, as well as control of water and fertilizer.

specific method


When we plant it, it usually chooses the section before the leaf falls to the germination. Because it is exactly the dormant period of plants, it is more nutritious in its body, so the success rate will be higher.


It is not where we plant it in the courtyard. Generally, we better let them see the sun.


Although there are no special requirements for plants, if you want to make it out of good quality, you should still be intimate when choosing the soil. Try to choose the soil with good drainage performance. It is best not to choose too sticky soil. If the soil is unsatisfactory, you can also improve it by turning the soil. The principle is that turning can increase the gap between the soil and improve the condition of its water and air.


When you just plant it, you should water the water. For about two weeks after planting, water needs to be poured again.


In fact, when planting, organic fertilizer can be mixed into the soil. Other fertilizers can be carried out in combination with deep turning.


This is also a very important part. In order to reduce people’s labor, we generally choose to use potions for weeding. However, when weeds are very small, there is no need for chemical agents. After all, it will contain some harmful substances to plants.