The seeds of trees stretch the seeds spread

1. First of all, we start with the characteristics of the growth of trees

This kind of tree has no root system at the beginning. From the top to the bottom, the roots of its roots start from germination, entanglement on the main tree, getting longer and more thrive, and even can even reach the ground directly. This will squeeze. The trunk of the original main tree was pressed, so that the source of life of the main tree was broken, the sun could not be exposed, and the nutrients were ruthlessly occupied by the fruit tree. So the main tree slowly exhausted and died slowly. When this main tree died, it would fall to another tree, so that the second tree became ruthlessly became the new main tree of the fruit tree again. Essence

2. Next, let’s talk about how they result

This kind of tree is also called “parasitic fig”. It is very energetic. It can bear results at any time without season. I have to mention the relationship between moving and plants here, some of which are “you die, I live”, and some are “friendship” coexistence.

Although the killers are “figs”, in fact, its edible fruits are actually its flowers, and the inside of the flesh is actually flower. During the small fig stage, the female wasp died in the flowers of the sub -house in the flowers of the flower, and then died in the fig, and then waited until the fruit was getting larger and larger. After the eggs hatched, the young bee could break the fruit and carry pollen to teach it.

Third, then finally, what kind of seeds are the seeds spreading

Because the killers can bear the results all year round, and most of the places it likes to grow are relatively dry and dehydrated, so many times, juicy figs have become the favorite food of birds. After the birds eat this kind of fruits, the seeds cannot be digested in the bird’s body, and they can only come out with the excreta of the birds. These seeds will not lose their germination because of the bird’s belly, but they will become more conducive to sowing because of the factors of bird manure. Because birds’ flight distances can be very far away in a short time, seeds can be spread faster faster.