There are several types of elm tree

1. Dragon Claw Elm

Dragon claw elm is a deciduous tree. Its shape is a variety of branches, with fast growth rate, natural shape, and umbrella -shaped and cone column. The bark is smooth, gray -brown, and the branches are curled down and grows. The leaves are oval -shaped and smooth and bright. The peanuts grow on the leaf axils of the branches, and the flowering period is between March and June. One of the main tree species for garden greening and viewing.


The vertical branches are the cultivation variety of elm tree. They are mostly distributed and growing in the northeast and northwest. They grow rapidly, cold and drought resistance, because the main roots are deep, the side roots are developed and vitality, and it can grow well in the soil with saline -alkali. The bark is gray, with longitudinal cracks on the surface, its branches, hairless, ovate -oval -shaped leaves, wider in the middle and lower parts of the leaves, the top of the top and the bottom sloping, the one side of the leaves is a wedge, and the other side is round to semi -heart shape. There are jagged on the edge of the leaves. It will only be opened after the leaves are withered, and the flowering period is from March to June.

Three, Da Ye Yu

Daye elm grows mainly in northeast Xinjiang and other places. The plants are 30 meters high, and the overall pen is straight. Because the leaves are wide, the leaves are stripes on the leaves, and the edges of the leaves are jagged, they are named Daye Elm, which has strong growth and is mostly used to prevent wind and sand.

Fourth, Hangzhou Yu

Hangzhou Yu is a kind of deciduous tree, which can reach more than 20 meters in height. It is mainly distributed in Jiangnan. It is widely used and can make furniture, flooring, vehicles and buildings.